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(Rouen, ca. 1490). 197 x 127 mm (7 3/4 x 5"). Single column, 24 lines, in a clean, attractive b√Ętarde hand.

Rubrics in red, line endings of blue or red with gold embellishment, several (typically a dozen or even 20) one-line initials in gold on a red or blue ground, all but a few leaves with at least one two-line initial in white with black or maroon decoration on a brushed gold ground and enclosing a charming flower in red and green, and BOTH SIDES OF EVERY LEAF WITH A VERY ATTRACTIVE PANEL BORDER featuring acanthus leaves, flowers, grapes, and other vegetation, all ON A BRUSHED GOLD GROUND. One margin just slightly browned at the very edge, other trivial imperfections, but generally IN VERY FINE CONDITION, the gold and paint bright and fresh, and the margins very ample.