([Bungay]: Printed by R. Clay & Sons, Ltd. for John Rodker, 1928). 310 x 200 mm. (12 1/8 x 7 3/4"). xlvi, 277, [1] pp.Translated, with a long introduction, bibliography, and notes by Montague Summers. FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH. No. 1,058 of 1,275 copies.

Original buckram, (vellum-like) red paper spine, leaves untrimmed at fore and tail edges. Engraved frontispiece portrait. Title and first page of text in red and black. Printed on fine textured paper. Advertisement leaflet bound in at end. In near-mint condition.

This is the first printing in English, translated from the 1489 edition, of one of the great classics of early witchcraft literature, the "Hammer of Witches." Under Pope Innocent VIII, its author, Heinrich Kramer (who took the name of Institoris), was appointed (along with Jakob Sprenger, who is sometimes credited with being the co-author of this work) as general Inquisitor for the five dioceses of Germany. Although Institoris and Sprenger were assigned the task of ferreting out heterodoxy in general, they concentrated their attention on investigating reports of witchcraft and prosecuting suspected witches. The book is divided into three sections, the first dealing with the theological ramifications of a belief in witchcraft, the second with the practices of witches and protection against them, and the third with legal procedures for dealing with witches.