(Northeastern France, probably Arras, late 15th century). 146 x 95 mm. (5 3/4 x 3 3/4"). Single column, 15 lines in a pleasing bâtarde hand.

Attractively matted. Rubrics in red, one- and two-line initials in brushed gold on a red or blue ground, EACH SIDE OF EACH LEAF WITH A BRUSHED GOLD PANEL BORDER WITH VERY PRETTY ILLUSIONISTIC FLOWERS, one panel with penwork acanthus and a small bird; EACH LEAF WITH TWO SMALL MINIATURES (measuring approximately 40 x 25 mm.) depicting saints shown with their attributes. Headlines written in French in a later (18th century?) calligraphic hand. Each leaf with a marginal stain in one corner, image of St. Nicholas slightly worn, otherwise excellent specimens, generally clean and smooth, with ample margins, winning decoration, and shining gold.

From a charmingly decorated 15th century prayer book, these lovely specimens offer the opportunity to acquire a leaf with two miniatures and some considerable gold ornamentation at an attainable price. The first leaf depicts St. Nicholas on one side and St. Claude--a popular saint venerated in France, shown here in the garb of a bishop and holding an open book. The other leaf features two female saints: St. Katherine (shown with a book, sword, and broken wheel) and St. Mary Magdalene, handsomely dressed and carrying a jar of ointment. For other leaves from this same manuscript, please check our website.