(13th-16th centuries).

Level of decoration varies, but most leaves with at least some rubrication and decorative penwork initials, leaves from manuscript Books of Hours more elaborate, with one or more initials in burnished or painted gold, leaf from the printed Book of Hours with some initials finished by hand with paint and gold. Condition varies, but generally quite clean and completely legible, though some with general toning, light staining, and/or the occasional smudge or other blemish, one leaf trimmed very close (affecting a few letters), at least one leaf in each packet recovered from a binding, and therefore with more considerable damage illustrating its use as a recyclable.

These manuscript packets present an excellent opportunity for libraries, teachers, and students as well as private collectors to develop or expand their teaching or personal collections, and to do so without great budgetary strain. Each packet contains nine hand-picked manuscript leaves on vellum and one printed leaf on vellum chosen to represent a range of writing styles, decoration, and purposes with a special focus on the period of transition from manuscript to print. The following is a sample inventory of what one may expect to find in a packet: 1) A large-format leaf; 2) A leaf with musical notation; 3) A leaf or fragment of a leaf recovered from a binding; 4) A 13th century Bible leaf; 5 & 6) Two leaves from different Liturgical books with colored initials and/or pen and ink decoration; 7) A Calendar leaf from a Book of Hours or Breviary; 8) A leaf from a miniature-sized book; 9) A leaf from a Book of Hours with burnished gold initials; 10) A leaf from an early 16th century Book of Hours printed on vellum and finished by hand. A limited number of these packets are available; the contents will vary slightly between packets.

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