(Italy: 1539). 559 x 737 mm. (22 x 29"). Single column, 59 lines of text in a humanist hand.

Occasional lettering in red, "IN XPI NOMINE AMEN" in large, multicolored letters at the top of the text, THREE GOLD-FRAMED MEDALLIONS WITH MINIATURES OF SAINTS PETER AND PAUL ON EITHER SIDE, AND TWO ANGELS HOLDING A CHALICE AND COMMUNION WAFER IN THE MIDDLE, both edges with a full floral border in multiple colors. An unidentified stamp at the bottom of the document, remains of a hemp string (lacking the seal). Some creasing and wrinkling from having been folded over the years, a half dozen small holes affecting a dozen words (but the sense recoverable in each case), minor erosion of paint in just a couple of spots, some light scattered stains, but these issues essentially trivial, and overall an extremely attractive piece, with the text and paintings in excellent condition.

This highly decorative Papal Bull affirms certain privileges bestowed on the Dominican community of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, the headquarters of the Dominicans in Rome. It confirms that (male) members of the community have the right to preach, kindle lights at night, say Mass, hold a procession on the Friday after Corpus Christi, and visit the sick. The Dominicans are also given permission for charitable works, such as hearing confession and bringing the sacrament to the sick at the hospital of San Giacomo in Augusta, Santa Maria del Popolo, Saints Cosmas and Damian, and the hospital of Santo Spirito in Sassia. The document states that the monks are not to pass judgment outside their own jurisdiction or pronounce excommunications, and further that the nuns should not wander about the streets, but instead remain within their cloister. Paul III (1468-1549) served as pope from 1534-49, following the two Medici popes, Leo X and Clement VII. A humanist and art patron like the Medici, Paul is credited with beginning the work of the Catholic Reformation, intending to instill a renewed discipline and dedication within the Church.

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