(Paris: ca. 1420). 203 x 143 mm. (8 x 5 5/8"). Single column, 15 lines of text in an attractive gothic book hand.

Leaves with multiple finely illuminated one-line initials (and a single two-line initial) in blue or magenta with white tracery and containing one or more twining flowers in blue, orange, and white, the whole on a burnished gold ground, usually as many line fillers (of the same design) as initials, the text enclosed on three sides by a bar border of blue and gold, with acanthus leaf extensions at the bottom, and EACH SIDE OF EACH LEAF WITH A VERY INTRICATE FULL BORDER OF RINCEAU, consisting of many floral buds, gold bezants, and ivy leaves. Borders trimmed a little close at one edge (nol loss of decoration), one leaf with thin strip of mounting cloth along inner margin, a hint of yellowing at edges, but generally in excellent condition, THE ILLUMINATION ESPECIALLY AND CONSISTENTLY BRIGHT AND FRESH.

These are Parisian Book of Hours leaves from what was obviously a splendid manuscript. The substantial size of the leaves, the glistening gold, and the intricacy of the decoration of the border and the illuminated letters combine here to make a very pleasing impression.