(Spain, mid-16th century). 508 x 349 mm. (20 x 13 3/4"). Six five-line staves of music with text beneath.

Rubrics and foliation in red, some tall gothic capitals painted in black with yellow highlights, leaves usually with one or two prominent initials (typically measuring about 60 x 40 mm.) in red or blue with elaborate penwork embellishment in the contrasting color, TWO SPECIAL LEAVES WITH A VERY LARGE AND SPLENDID PUZZLE INITIAL painted in red and blue and decorated with intricate penwork in red, blue, and purple (these initials measuring approximately 127 mm. square or 127 x 145 mm.). A bit of light soiling to some leaves (one of the special leaves rather soiled, the other with a bit of fading in the music and text), varying degrees of yellowing to the hair side of the leaves, otherwise in excellent condition, generally clean and fresh, and with ample margins.

These well-preserved leaves come from a manuscript that would have been readily visible by even a large group of singers: in contrast to other Medieval and Renaissance choir books that contain as many as nine staves of music, these have five, and the text is, as a result, quite large and very easy to read even at a considerable distance. The Moorish influence on the arts of Spain is quite pronounced in the way the letters (especially the two very large capitals) are decorated in the present leaves.

Keywords: Antiphonary

75-$195 (depending on decoration and condition); $1,400-1,500 for the special leaves with the very large initials

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