(Paris: ca. 1450). 159 x 108 mm. (6 1/4 x 4 1/4"). Single column, 15 lines per page in an excellent gothic book hand.

Rubrics in red, each leaf with several one-line initials and line fillers, and at least one two-line initial, all in burnished gold on a red and blue background with white tracery, one or both sides with a swirling panel border featuring flowers, leaves, strawberries, and many burnished gold ivy leaves on hairline stems. Isolated trivial stains or imperfections, but VERY BRIGHT, CLEAN, AND FRESH.

In fine condition, beautifully decorated, and sparkling with gold, these leaves are marvelous examples of a high-quality Parisian Book of Hours made for a person of means. The borders here are especially pleasing, with skeins of hairline vines accented by burnished bezants and ivy, bright blue and gold acanthus, pale green leaves, and cheerful red blossoms. For leaves at other price points, please check our website.

Price: $275.00