(Northern France [probably Paris], ca. 1460s). 130 x 98 mm. (5 1/8 x 3 7/8"). Single column, 14 lines in a fine gothic book hand.

Attractively matted. The text similarly decorated as in the previous entry, but with panel borders on both sides inhabited by a bird flapping its wings, the recto also WITH A PLEASING MINIATURE (measuring 35 x 33 mm.) OF SAINT MARK WITH HIS LION, the saint sitting on a bench writing in a stone room with mullioned windows and a red wall hanging decorated with gold, the lion watching alertly from the right. A hint of thumbing, otherwise in very fine condition--fresh, clean, and especially bright.

This leaf comes from the section of Gospel readings near the beginning of the prayer book. Although Mark is pictured here, the text is from the first chapter of Luke, relating the Annunciation.