From a Manuscript of Peter Lombard's "Sententiae," Produced within 20 Years of the Work's Appearance


(France, ca. 1175). 320 x 275 mm. (12 1/2 x 10 3/4"). Double column, 39 lines of text in a pleasing early gothic hand.

Rubrics, chapter numbers, and glossings in red, with eight two-line initials in either red or blue. Apparently recycled as a book cover and therefore somewhat soiled and stained, with two visible creases down the middle (no doubt indicating the spine of the book), the lower margin cutting into the text and the inner margin cut close to the glosses (but not affecting them), a handful of words obscured by rubbing, but the vast majority of this text preserved and still very legible.

Written between 1155 and 1158, Peter Lombard's "Sententiae" is one of the most influential works of the Middle Ages. And since the scribal hand dates the present leaf to the middle of the final quarter of the 12th century, it clearly comes from one of the early codices of the work. In addition to being early, the text here is written out in an extremely attractive, rich, and regular hand.