(France, mid-13th century). 152 x 102 mm. (6 x 4"). Double column, 51 lines in a very fine gothic pearl script.

Attractively matted. Rubrics in red, capitals struck with red, headlines and chapter numbers in red and blue, verso with an inch-long wave-like marginal flourish in blue ink, recto WITH A FIVE-LINE HISTORIATED INITIAL in blue, pink, red, and burnished gold SHOWING A MAN WITH A SPEAR STANDING DEFIANTLY BEFORE A KING, WITH A DESCENDER IN COLORS AND GOLD running almost the entire length of the column, and terminating in the tail margin. The vellum not as bright as it could be, but in every other way in very fine condition.

Our initial symbolizes the revolt of Judas Maccabeus, leader of the anti-Greek Jews, against Antiochus IV, who had waged a campaign of suppression against Judaism. The historiation is not a soaring work of art (the limited space militates against that), but it is appropriate, and, with its elegantly attenuated descender, it is extremely pleasing.

Keywords: Bibles