(France [Paris or Tours], ca. 1530). 150 x 75 mm. (6 x 3"). Single column, 20 lines in a fine humanist hand.

Rubrics in red, line fillers in red, green, or blue highlighted with gold, text enclosed by gold frames delicately shadowed with blue or green, one leaf with 18 one-line initials in colors and gold and two two-line initials in pink and white on a brushed gold ground with fruit or floral infilling; the other leaf with one one-line initial in gold on a blue ground and two two-line initials, one in pink and white on a brushed gold ground with a floral sprig at center, the other in gold on a blue ground with white tracery. Both leaves trimmed close along one vertical edge, cropping off part of the frame in each case, one leaf with a strip of paper (from mounting?) adhering to one margin (not touching frame), otherwise FINE, BRIGHT LEAVES that are clean and smooth with intact paint, shining gold, and artful decoration.

These charming leaves from a Renaissance prayer book are decorated in the style of the 1520s Hours workshop, which created, in Wieck's words, "illuminations of the most refined delicacy" ("Painted Prayers," p. 73). In Lilian M. C. Randall's catalogue of French manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery, a book from the 1520s Hours Workshop (Walters MS 449) is described as "a fine example of the superb level of craftsmanship attained in French manuscript production during the last quarter century of its full-fledged existence." (II, 532).

650 for the leaf with two illuminated initials; $950 for the leaf with 18 initials

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