(France [probably Paris], ca. 1260). 158 x 102 mm. (6 1/4 x 4"). Double column, 43 lines of text in a fine gothic pearl script.

Rubrics in red, capitals struck with red, headings and chapter number in red and blue, one two-line initial in blue with trailing penwork in red, one three-line initial in colors and gold with a four-line ascender, and A 21-LINE "I" WITH A FULL-LENGTH FIGURE OF SAINT JAMES HOLDING A SCROLL, A BIRD-MAMMAL HYBRID AT HIS FEET, with extensions ascending six lines at the head and descending into the tail margin nearly to the edge of the leaf. Faint stain affecting half a dozen words, a bit of soiling to one corner, the vellum with overall slight darkening, otherwise an excellent leaf with a striking initial, the paint vivid and intact, and the margins ample.

Keywords: Bibles