(France, mid-13th century). 153 x 103 mm. (6 x 4"). Double column, 50 lines in a very fine gothic pearl script.

Capitals struck in red, rubrics in red, running title and chapter numbers in blue and red, one four-line "H" painted blue and white on a pink ground and with gold dots, its thick ascender running along about a quarter of the text, A 14-LINE "I" INCORPORATING A STANDING PROPHET HOLDING A SCROLL, the figure dressed in pink on a blue ground, a beast's head at his feet and the tail of the animal extending to the bottom of the text (the entire initial stretching 95 mm.). An additional running title in the top margin of the verso in a later hand, six tiny contemporary corrections in the margins. Just a touch of minor soiling and darkening, but still A FINE SPECIMEN with well-preserved and attractive initials.

Although the rubricator has done his work for the prologue to John on the recto, he has inadvertently left blank the space allotted on the verso for the rubric for the beginning of John proper.

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