Apparently with a Colophon Referring to a Contemporaneous Cardinal


(France: mid-13th century). 160 x 110 mm. (6 1/4 x 4 1/4"). Double column, 48 lines, in an extremely attractive gothic pearl script.

Rubrics in red, each leaf with many one-line and a few two- or four-line initials painted blue or red, the larger initials with contrasting penwork. Several leaves with marginal notes very close to the gutter--most likely notes to the scribe and/or rubricator about the locations of major section breaks in the text. Text a touch faded in a few places, the occasional negligible spot or wormhole, otherwise IN NEARLY PRISTINE CONDITION, with wide, clean margins.

On the final page here of the final "z" leaf, there appears to be a kind of colophon indicating that this Interpretation of Hebrew Names derives "from the model of lord Cardinal Riccardi." The cardinal in question may be Annibaldi Riccardo (ca. 1205-76), deacon of Sant'Angelo in Pescheria, who was appointed to the Holy See by Gregory IX in 1237 and continued as a cardinal for almost 40 years. When his uncle was elevated to the papacy as Alexander IV in 1254, Riccardo, as cardinal protodeacon, crowned the new pope.