(1480-1537). Largest leaf measures 428 x 307 mm. (16 3/4 x 12 1/8").

13 OF THE 15 LEAVES WITH WOODCUT OR METALCUT ILLUSTRATIONS, several being a half-page or larger, and one with contemporary coloring, most leaves also with woodcut or metalcut initials. ◆A couple leaves with some light dampstaining, a few others with light toning, thumbing, and/or the occasional stain, repair, or other minor issue, but, in general, excellent specimens in pleasing condition.

These early printing packets present an excellent opportunity for libraries, teachers, and students as well as private collectors to develop or expand their teaching or personal collections, and at a modest cost. Each packet includes four incunabular leaves, six post-incunable leaves, and five 16th century leaves printed after 1520--all hand-picked to demonstrate a variety of genres, formats, and countries of origin. Most of the leaves here feature woodcut or metalcut illustrations, two of which can be attributed to the prominent engravers Urs Graf and Albrecht Dürer. The illustrations depict a wide variety of scenes, including battles, biblical episodes, saints, royalty, and natural history. The packets are comprised of leaves from the following works, listed in chronological order.

(1) BIBLE IN LATIN. (Ulm: Johann Zainer, 1480). From the press of the first printer in Ulm, the first Bible to have notices by Menardus Monachus at the beginning of each chapter, briefly summarizing the contents. (2) (CHRONICLE). Chronecken der Sassen. (Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 6 March 1492). (3) SCHEDEL, HARTMANN. Liber Chronicarum. (Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1493). (4) HORTUS SANITATIS. (Strassburg: Johann Prüss OR Cologne: Heinrich Quentell, [1499, or possibly 1507]). (5) A BOOK OF HOURS IN LATIN, PRINTED ON VELLUM. (Paris: Thielman Kerver, 1507(?)). With initials finished by hand. (6) GUILELMUS PARISIENSIS. Postilla Guillermi Super Epistolas et Evangelia. (Basel: Michael Furter, 1513). With woodcuts attributed to Urs Graf. (7) (CHRONICLES: FRANCE). Le Premier [-Quatrième] Vollume de la Mer des Hystoires & Croniques de France. (Paris: Gaillot Du Pré; Michel le Noir, 1517-18). (8) MAXIMILIAN I. Die Geuerlicheiten und Eins Teils der Geschichten des . . . Helds und Ritters Tewrdannckhs. (Augsburg: Johann Schönsperger, 1519). (9) (SHIP OF FOOLS - COMMENTARY). Des Hochwirdigen Doctor Keiserspergs Narenschiff. (Strassburg: Johanne Grieninger, 1520). Using the original woodcut blocks from the First Edition of Sebastian Brant's "Das Narrenschiff'" (1494), many of which are attributed to Dürer. (10) (BIBLE IN LATIN). Biblia cum Concordantijs. (Lyon : Jacob Sacon for Anton Koberger, ca. 1520). From one of many similar editions printed from 1512 to the early 1520s. (11) JACOBUS DE VORAGINE. Golden Legend. (Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 1527). (12) A BOOK OF HOURS IN LATIN, PRINTED ON PAPER. (Venice: Luca-Antonia Giunta, 1532). (13) LIVIUS, TITUS. Römische Historien. (Mainz, Juonem [Johann?] Schoeffer, 1533). (14) (CHRONICLE). FORESTI, GIACOMO FILIPPO. Supplementum Supplementi Delle Chroniche del Venerando Padre Frate Jacobo Philippo. (Venice : Bernardino Bindoni, 1535). (15) (BIBLE IN CZECH). Biblij Czeska. (Prague: Pawel Severýn z Kapí Hory, 1537).

Provenance note: These specimens were acquired by us as part of a very large group of leaves, assembled by a collector who purchased widely and frequently over the course of 25 years; he did not take apart books to harvest individual leaves.

Price: $1,500.00