(France: early 15th century). 150 x 108 mm. (5 7/8 x 4 1/4"). Single column, 17 lines in a gothic book hand.

Rubrics in red, red and blue line-fillers with white tracery and gold accents, varying numbers of one-line gold initials on blue and red ground, some leaves with two-line initials in blue and pink on a gold ground with tendrils emanating from the corners, a few leaves with three- to five-line initials, similarly decorated and sometimes containing a bar spanning the length of the page in gold, blue and red. Vellum very faintly soiled, a few trivial stains and smudges, but nevertheless in consistently excellent, attractive condition.

While Book of Hours leaves in Latin appear frequently on the market, individual leaves in French are rather more difficult to come by. The present leaves provide an excellent opportunity to study the Medieval form of this language in a religious context, in addition to being lovely specimens in themselves. Much of the text here is from a French prayer called "Douce Dame de Miséricorde," based on the Fifteen Joys of the Virgin.

250 for leaves with small initials only; $400-550 for leaves with one or more larger initials; $800-950 for leaves with multiple larger initials and bar border

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