(Italy: 14th century). Sizes range from 150 x 95 mm to 205 x 155 mm.

Rubrics in red, numerous paragraph marks, initials and some simple decoration in red or blue, A TWO-INCH MARGINAL HYBRID with the snout of a beast and the tail of a fish (and another hybrid on a different fragment, partially trimmed). Several notes in pen and pencil in later hands. Recovered from a binding and thus one side of each fragment significantly rubbed, some soiling and a few worm holes, one fragment with a clean three-inch tear (not affecting text), but the notes and main text quite legible on the one side, and the color still remarkably bright.

These leaves are suprisingly legible and feature an interesting notation system in which various marginal notes are assigned a letter, each corresponding to a different lettered passage in the main text. Based on what we could make out, these fragments are probably from the "Summa perusina," a 10th century Perugian document that is essentially a summary of the Code of Justinian. As an added bonus, one of the pieces retains a charming marginal hybrid.