(England: 14th century). 110 x 77 mm. (4 1/4 x 3"). Single column, 16 lines in an English gothic book hand.

Rubrics in red, paragraph marks in red or blue, each leaf with multiple one-line initials in gilt on pink or blue ground, line-enders with gold bezant on a bar painted pink and/or blue, many with at least one two-line initial in pink or blue on gilt ground with painted decorative flourishes, A FEW WITH TWO-LINE INITIALS INHABITED BY HUMAN FACES, more than half the leaves with half or three-quarter borders on one or both sides, composed of a painted and gilt bar, often spikey in appearance, with long tendrils terminating in trefoils, SEVERAL LEAVES WITH ANIMALS AND HYBRIDS INCORPORATED INTO THE BORDERS OR INHABITING THE MARGINS. Vellum with a little general soiling and toning, margins trimmed rather close and sometimes just cutting into the borders, gilt noticeably rubbed away in places (exposing white gesso layer), paint occasionally rubbed or smudged, other small, mostly marginal blemishes and stains, but despite these signs of use, the leaves still very charming and with a considerable degree of their original appeal.

From a small Psalter intended for personal contemplation, these leaves feature a pleasing English scribal hand and strong decorative program. A few of our leaves contain some especially delightful examples of hybrid creatures and small animals (mostly rabbits and birds), often cleverly incorporated into the borders; others contain the occasional face peering out from an initial, as if playing hide-and-seek with the viewer. The decorative leaves without marginalia are also appealing as good examples of English paleography, and like the more decorative examples here, they are meant to be attractively priced.

Keywords: Marginalia

95-200 for leaves with illuminated initials/borders; 275-550 for special leaves with creatures and/or inhabited initials

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