(Germany: mid-12th century). 425 x 298 mm. (16 3/4 x 11 3/4"). Double column, 35 lines in a proto-gothic hand.

Rubrics in red, three one-line initials and two slightly larger than two-line initials, all in red. With marginal additions in a contemporary hand. A few letters on each line of marginal notations trimmed away, vellum with a little general soiling, a few light stains in text (no loss of legibility), a sprinkling of tiny wormholes, single horizontal crease down the center of the leaf, a few other trivial spots and stains, but on the whole a very well-preserved specimen, with dark, legible text.

Recovered from a binding but with surprisingly little in the way of damage or trimming, this remarkable survival would have once been part of a large-format Lectionary--a collection of variable readings to be employed in a liturgical context. Specifically, such a manuscript would comprise a series of "lectiones," or short lessons taken variously from the Bible, patristic writers, or lives of the saints, and arranged according to the ecclesiastical calendar. Identifying the exact text here has proven elusive, but the content and style suggests that it might be a sermon, or perhaps an obscure or abridged passage from one of the Church Fathers. The first large initial here begins Matthew 10:16 ("Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves."), with additional lines from chapters 10 and 24 of Matthew incorporated into other parts of the text. There is added interest here in the form of marginal emendations in a contemporary hand, providing multiple lines of text that were evidentially left out by the original scribe.