(San Francisco: Arion Press, 2000). 470 x 356 mm. (18 1/2 x 14"). Two volumes. No. 131 OF 150 SPECIAL COPIES WITH HAND-COLORED AND ILLUMINATED ABSTRACT DECORATION OF THE INITIAL LETTERS, from a total edition of 400 copies for sale and 26 copies printed for presentation.

Original bindings of violet crushed morocco boards, black morocco spine, and a thin strip of red morocco between, smooth spine with gilt titling. In a sturdy black buckram box with black morocco label. In mint condition.

This Bible is probably the single most important product of one of the most significant fine presses operating today, the Arion Press of San Francisco. Arion uses the letterpress equipment of the famed Grabhorn Press, type that is cast and composed on the premises, and an in-house book bindery--in conjunction with 21st century digital technology--to produce works crafted in the finest tradition of the private press movement. In the illuminated version we are offering here, this vast, handsomely produced work of Scripture is among a handful of the most impressive and notable private press books to be issued in recent decades. Created by Arion Press founder and publisher Andrew Hoyem and his crew of eight craftsmen, and printed and bound by hand at the press' San Francisco workshop, this may be the last Bible to be printed by letterpress from metal type. Hoyem, who apprenticed at the Grabhorn Press, founded Arion in 1974 to continue the tradition of fine private press printing, and his output of 116 works has included a number of highlights, such as the 1979 folio edition of Melville's "Moby Dick" illustrated with 100 woodcuts by Barry Moser, and the 2002 printing of "Paradise Lost" with accompanying portfolio of illustrations by William Blake. In 1989, he acquired Mackenzie & Harris, the oldest and largest surviving metal type foundry in the United States, and this division of Arion produced the 16-point Romulus type used in our Bible, a face described in the prospectus as characterized by "graceful lines and clarity of character recognition." The red initial letters at the beginning of each book of the Bible were created by noted Adobe font designer Sumner Stone, and our copy is one of the specials in which the letters were embellished with abstract geometrical designs resembling panes in a stained glass window, all colored by hand and illuminated with burnished gold by Arion artists. In preparing this opus, Hoyem studied three of the great folio Bibles: the 1532 Latin Bible of Robert Estienne, John Baskerville's English Bible of 1763, and the Oxford Lectern Bible, designed by Bruce Rogers and published in 1935. Arion's is the only fine press lectern bible to be produced since the Rogers work, and it carries a great tradition of grand printed Bibles as well as fine typography and bookmaking into the 21st century.

Price: $9,500.00