(15th-16th centuries). Largest leaf measures: 340 x 225 mm. (13 1/2 x 8 3/4").

All but one leaf matted. Each leaf with two to four woodcut illustrations, ALL BUT ONE LEAF WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND COLORING. Most leaves with some soiling and browning (mostly light), remnants of mounting glue in margins, one leaf with running titles trimmed and another with a small repair touching text (but not obscuring meaning), other minor imperfections, but on the whole a very clean, attractive assortment, with some excellent colored images.

This group includes one leaf from each of the following books:

1. BOCK, HIERONYMUS. KREUTTERBUCH. Strassburg: Josiam Rihel, 1577. (VD16 B-6022);

2. BRUNFELS, OTTO. CONTRAFAYT KREUTERBUCH. Strassburg: Hans Schotten, 1532. (VD16 B-8503);

3. HORTUS SANITATIS. Mainz: Jacob Meydenbach, 23 June 1491. Without hand coloring. (Goff H-486; BMC I, 44; ISTC ih00486000);

4. LONITZER, ADAM. KREUTERBUCH. Kreuterbuch. Frankfurt am Main: Christian Egenolffs seligen Erben, 1582. (VD16 L-2423);

5. MATTIOLI, PIETRO ANDREA. KREUTTERBUCH. Frankfurt am Main: Palthenio in verlegung Johnae Rosen, 1600. (VD16 M-1616).

Price: $800.00