(15th-16th centuries). Largest leaf measures: 346 x 235 mm. (13 1/2 x 9 1/4").

One leaf matted, others loose. Each leaf with one or two woodcut illustrations, ALL BUT ONE LEAF WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND COLORING. One leaf rather browned, minor browning and trivial smudging to the others, but all condition issues forgivable.

This group includes one leaf from each of the following books:

1. BOCK, HIERONYMUS. KREUTTERBUCH. Strassburg: Josiam Rihel, 1577. (VD16 B-6022);

2. GART DER GESUNDHEIT. Edited by Johann von Cube. Augsburg: [Johann Schönsperger], 22 August 1485. (Goff G-98; H-8949*; BMC II, 365; ISTC ig00098000);

3. HORTUS SANITATIS. [LE JARDIN DE SANTE]. Paris: Antoine Vérard, [between October 1499 and 1501/02]. (Goff H-490; BMC(Fr), p.232; ISTC ih00490000);

4. MATTIOLI, PIETRO ANDREA. KREUTTERBUCH. Frankfurt am Main: Johan Feyra1bendt in verlegung Peter Fischers und Heinrich Dacken Erben, 1590. (VD16 M-1615);

5. ROSSLIN, EUCHARIUS. KREUTERBUCH. Frankfurt am Main: Christian Egenolff, 1550. (VD16 ZV-13332).

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