(15th-16th centuries). Largest leaf measures: 332 x 210 mm. (13 x 8 1/4").

All but one leaf matted. Each leaf with one to four woodcut illustrations, the "Hortus" showing a man making(?) barrels, ALL BUT ONE LEAF WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND COLORING. ◆A few leaves lightly browned due to paper quality, these same leaves also with some mild to moderate soiling or dampstaining in margins, other minor defects, but on the whole very attractive leaves, with almost all condition issues confined to the margins.

This group includes one leaf from each of the following books:

1. BOCK, HIERONYMUS. KREUTTERBUCH. Strassburg: Josiam Rihel, 1577. (VD16 B-6022);

2. BRUNFELS, OTTO. CONTRAFAYT KREUTERBUCH. Strassburg: Johann Schott, 1532. (VD16 B-8503);

3. GART DER GESUNDHEIT. Edited by Johann von Cube. Ulm: Conrad Dinckmut, 31 March 1487. (Goff G-103; BMC II, 535; ISTC ig00103000);

4. bHORTUS SANITATIS. [Strassburg: Johann Prüss, 1499 or about 1507]. Without hand coloring. (Goff H-489; STC German, p. 418; ISTC ih00489000);

5. LONITZER, ADAM. KREUTERBUCH. Frankfurt am Main: Christian Egenolffs seligen Erben, 1582. (VD 16 L-2423).

Price: $750.00