(15th-16th centuries). Largest leaf measures: 340 x 220 mm. (13 3/8 x 9 3/4").

Three leaves matted, two leaves loose. Each leaf with one or two woodcut illustrations, ALL BUT ONE LEAF WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND COLORING. A few leaves lightly browned due to paper quality, one leaf with a dark but thin stain along the gutter edge, a couple leaves with remnants of mounting tape in margins, other small imperfections, but on the whole very clean and with no major condition issues.

This group includes one leaf from each of the following books:

1. BOCK, HIERONYMUS. KREUTTERBUCH. Strassburg: Josiam Rihel, 1577. (VD16 B-6022);

2. FUCHS, LEONHART. NEW KREUTERBUCH. Basel: Michael Isengrin, 1543. Without hand coloring. (VD16 F-3243);

3. GART DER GESUNDHEIT. Edited by Johann von Cube. Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 28 March 1485. (Goff G-97; BMC I, 35; ISTC ig00097000);

4. LONITZER, ADAM. KREUTERBUCH. Frankfurt am Main: Christian Egenolffs seligen Erben, 1582. (VD 16 L-2423);

5. RYFF, WALTHER HERMANN. REFORMIERTE DEUTSCHE APOTECK. Strassburg: Josias Rihel, 1573. (VD 16 R-3927).

Price: $600.00