(Southern Germany or Austria: ca. 1150). 164 x 208 mm. (6 1/2 x 8 1/8"), one leaf entirely intact and the other leaf trimmed vertically (with a little more than half remaining). Single column, 20 lines in a proto-gothic hand.

With numerous one-line initials in red and a few in brown, one three-line initial in red extending into the margin, ABOUT HALF OF A LARGE (50 mm. tall) VINE-STEM INITIAL remaining, the vines outlined in red, the initial on a brown ground, and surrounded by a thick yellow frame. Margins with a few ink notations in later hands, one side with remnants of mounting glue and red backing in margins. ◆With noticeable browning and staining, text a little faint in a few places, but almost entirely legible, colors of initial somewhat faded, a dozen small round holes touching text (though just trivial loss), insignificant closed tear across center, other defects, but still in very presentable condition, especially given its history as binding waste.

This is a generous fragment from a Psalter that has previously been used as binding scrap but that both remains surprisingly legible and contains part of what would have been a large white vine-stem initial opening Psalm 38. Within the initial we can discern at least three colors: red outlining the design of the vines, a dark brown ground and filler, and a pale yellow frame and highlights. The script here is extremely neat, very pleasing, and quite easy to decipher, with clear letter forms and limited use of abbreviations.

Price: $1,950.00