A Handsome Early Repurposed Psalter Leaf Containing "The Lord Is my Shepherd" Opening


(Germany: ca. 1200). With edges unfolded: 280 x 200 mm. (11 x 7 7/8"). Single column, 23 lines, in a large proto-gothic hand.

Rubrics in red, numerous one-line initials in red, one three-line initial in red. The one-time spine with two paper labels pasted on, one with titling in ink, and one with the letters "H H." ◆With inconsequential small holes and stains, the label obscuring a few lines, a couple of words faded, but with the entire text present within good margins, legible, generally clean, and in overall excellent condition, especially given that it was used as a binding.

Written in a large, handsome script, the text here includes the opening of the celebrated 23rd Psalm (22 in the Vulgate numbering), which begins with "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" ("Dominus regit me, et nihil mihi deerit"). After its original life as part of a late 12th or early 13th century manuscript, this good-sized leaf was then used on the cover of a binding, and it still retains the title and what appears to be a shelf location on an old paper label along what would have been the spine. The structure of the binding is clearly visible on this leaf, making it an excellent example for a teaching collection, or for anyone interested in the reuse of Medieval manuscripts.

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