(Northeastern France, probably Arras, late 15th century). 146 x 95 mm. (5 3/4 x 3 3/4"). Single column, 15 lines in a pleasing bâtarde hand.

Rubrics in red, one- and two-line initials in brushed gold on a red or blue ground, EACH SIDE OF LEAF WITH A BRUSHED GOLD PANEL BORDER, WITH VERY PRETTY ILLUSIONISTIC FLOWERS AND FRUITS, and intricate strapwork design in colors; WITH TWO SMALL MINIATURES (measuring approximately 40 x 25 mm.) depicting John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, shown with their attributes. Headlines written in French in a later (18th century?) calligraphic hand. Light soiling, a touch of paint loss to frames and background (not very noticeable and not affecting the figures, otherwise an excellent specimen, generally clean and smooth, with ample margins, winning decoration, and shining gold.

From a charmingly decorated 15th century prayer book, this leaf offers the opportunity to acquire two particularly nice miniatures, each depicting an important saint. The recto shows St. John the Baptist with a lamb at his side and a book balanced on his knee; and the verso depicts St. John the Evangelist as a young man, holding a chalice with what ought to be snakes emerging from it (in reference to the poisoned cup he was invited to drink as a test of faith), but which instead look more like tendrils of smoke. For other leaves from this same manuscript, please check our website.

Price: $3,000.00