(Northeastern France, probably Arras, late 15th century). 146 x 95 mm. (5 3/4 x 3 3/4"). Single column, 15 lines in a pleasing bâtarde hand.

Attractively framed, leaves with full borders showing one side only, and the leaf with images of saints in double-sided glass frame showing both recto and verso. All leaves with rubrics in red, and one- and two-line initials in brushed gold on a red or blue ground, some leaves with three-line initials on orange or green ground. Each leaf WITH EITHER A FULL BORDER OR PANEL BORDER WITH BRUSHED GOLD GROUND AND VERY PRETTY ILLUSIONISTIC FLOWERS AND FRUITS, the leaf with the panel border also FEATURING TWO SMALL MINIATURES OF SAINTS. Headlines written in French in a later (18th century?) calligraphic hand. Brushed gold a little faded in places, otherwise excellent specimens, generally clean and smooth.

From a charmingly decorated 15th century prayer book, these beautifully framed leaves are ready to hang on the wall or give as a gift to a lucky recipient. Two types of leaves are offered here: the first consists of a full border with illusionistic flowers, fruit, and at least one insect or creature; the second contains a panel border and two small miniatures depicting St. Anthony, often called the Father of all Monks, and the lesser known St. Eligius, patron saint of metalworkers. For unframed leaves from this same manuscript, please check our website.

Price: $1,950.00